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GH-55 mobile IOS terminal is a rugged GIS Handheld device that delivers higher productivity and accuracy in positioning to its users. It can withstand up to a 1.5-m drop and a 2-ton shock pressure test. While it also comes with a suite of integrated features, which are high integration, high performance, high reliability, and high- flexibility. Also, it goes with a long-life 6000mAh battery, is sunlight-readable, and operates under extremely low temperatures.

Data Collector GIS Handheld GH - 55
GH - 55 GIS Handheld Apogee GNSS

Military Appearance

Rugged design, full view display, toughened glasses with aero grade titanium alloy material frame

High precision

GH-55 supports all constellations tracking GNSS with 184 channels positioning chip.


Data Collector GH -55 GIS Handheld AGPL

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