Advanced RTK GNSS with millimeter/centimeter accuracy

  • Supports center point RTX enabling survey without base station CORS.
  • Extended RTK support by using TRIMBLE Technology.
  • Everest Plus™ multipath mitigation technology.
  • Proven TRIMBLE low elevation tracking technology.

AGPL Apogee GNSS Navik 300 GNSS Receiver
Navik 300 GNSS Receiver Apogee GNSS

Multi constellations Tracking

  • 336 tracking channels
  • Supports GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, Navic, SBAS, QZSS, etc.

Greater efficiency with enhanced UHF

  • Upto 5 km range
  • Tx/Rx in the frequency range of 866 MHz or 403 - 473 MHz optional

GNSS RTK Navik 300 GNSS Receiver positioning technology
GNSS RTK solution AGPL GNSS receiver

High level accuracy

Navik 300 GNSS Receiver brings both centimeter and millimeter level accuracy no matter where you are and excellent experience with its innovative technology and portable design.


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